Other Irish Sinclair families

The following pages are an attempt to capture the main genealogical details of Sinclair families in Ireland where enough early information exists. Public records have survived for a number of families but, of course, there could be many more. Only by tracing as many Sinclair families as possible will it be possible to find the descendants of William Sinclair of Roslin after he settled in Ireland. What this will also show is whether there are many separate Irish branches from different Sinclair families in Scotland, or whether connections exist between them further back in time.

The families have been selected based on their principal ancestors – which may not always be the first to have appeared in Ireland. Family histories tend to start with the ancestor who has most significance for a family, and from whom members can confidently claim descent. Prior to 1854, births, marriages and deaths did not have to be recorded with the civil authorities, which means relying on church records. For a Presbyterian family originating in Scotland, their church records are particularly scarce. It took some years before there were large enough congregations to build their own meeting houses and burial grounds, so until then they had to share facilities with the Church of Ireland. The loss of so many genealogical documents when the Public Record Office was destroyed in 1922 was devastating, but the fantastic effort of countless family historians has made it possible to piece together enough fragments to build partial genealogical histories.

The Irish Sinclair branches, where information exists, are important to record, even if it simply to confirm that there they have no connection with William Sinclair of Rosslyn. Many family historians have published their findings, and these form the basis of the family trees below. Some information is new, drawn from more recent research, so it hasn’t always been possible to provide sources. However, where there is another website with more information about the family, a link has been provided.

Antrim, including Hopefield House, Moneyreagh and Belfast, Newtownards and Belfast
Armagh, including Kinneary House, Lisnalea and Newry, Markethill, Richhill, Tullyroan
Down, including Ballyrussell
Dublin, including City of Dublin
Londonderry, including Moymucklemurry
Tyrone, including Holyhill

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