The Sinclairs of Kinneary House

These notes and the following family tree were compiled by Thomas Hilary Sinclair, Senior, formerly of Manchester, and then resident in Llandudno, North Wales. His father corresponded with all branches of the family when alive, and some old scrapbooks compiled by his sisters about 1850 containing numerous newspaper cuttings, some without dates, came into his possession and helped in his work. He first visited Kinneary with his father 63 years before and at that time there were at least 10 farmhouses in the district occupied by people with connections to the family, but when he had completed his compilation, Kinneary House was the only one in which Sinclairs lived.

His mother had informed him that the family settled there in 1642 from Scotland, and the first member would not accept a gift of land, as it carried some restriction with the gift, to which he objected, and consequently they were tenant farmers until the Lands Purchase Acts. Before machinery for spinning and weaving came into use, many farmers in the district farmed out linen yarn to handloom weavers and added considerably to their incomes. His mother also informed him that there was originally in the old home a framed coat of arms which was presumably brought by the first settler, and rather pointed to him being a Scotchman of some standing, if not of large means. They were the arms of the Caithness family of Sinclairs.

He was unable to trace any registration of births, deaths and marriages before 1788 because the records of Clonfeacle Church, Blackwatertown, the parish church of the district in early times, were destroyed in the Court of Records fire during the Rebellion. The farm has been handed down father to son from 1642, and then was in the hands of a young Simon Sinclair .

The following obituary fromĀ The Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Magazine & Miscellany of Christian Knowledge and Useful Information, Vol. 1 (1823), pp. 362-363 was given to the compiler by Annie Verner:
“Miss Elizabeth Sinclair, the subject of the following memoir, was the youngest child of the late Mr John Sinclair of Kinneary, in the County of Armagh: and born in the year 1792. Her parents early in life embraced the gospel and joined the Methodist Society. For many years previous to their decease they cordially entertained the preachers, and religious meetings were held in their house. After living to a good old age they died in peace and went to heaven.”

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Descendant table

John Sinclair of Kinneary House, Co. Armagh, m. Elizabeth
Thomas Sinclair of Tullyroan (c.1775-1847)
m. Lydia Hazelton of Killyman
Elizabeth Sinclair (1793-1820), unm.
John Sinclair (1788-1844) m. 1810 Isabella Hazelton (1789-1861)
John Sinclair (1819-1858) went to Pennsylvania, USA
m. Eliza Langtry of Belle Vue, Richhill, Co. Armagh (1819-1858)
Robert Sinclair (1851-) m. shot by his wife in Philadelphia, no issue
Ellen J. Sinclair (1847-) m. Mr McMullen of Clearville County, NY, USA
Samuel, Robert, Davis, George, Fred, Leila McMullen
Mrs McClayton Haines
Mrs Victor Stephens
Mrs William D. Young
Mrs Gordon Stephens
Mrs Francis Hagg
Eliza Sinclair, went to USA
m. 1st William Corrigan
John Corrigan, m. issue
m. 2nd Mr Reay, no issue
Thomas Sinclair (1816-1890), went to Manchester as a missionary
m. Anne Langtry of Belle Vue, Richill, Co. Armagh (1823-1905)
Isabella Sinclair (1846-1914) m. Joseph Orr of Cranagill, Co. Armagh (-1921)
Mabel Orr, unm.
Ada Orr (-1927), unm.
Minnie Orr, unm.
Hilary Orr m. 1914 Ernest W. Walmsley
Lydia Jane Sinclair (1848-1932), unm.
Frances Mary Sinclair (1850-1924), unm.
Eliza Sinclair (1855-1909), unm.
Adelaide Sinclair (1859-1935), unm.
Robert John Sinclair (1862-1929), unm., d. in New Zealand
William Roe Sinclair (1864-1940) m. Annie Lea of Cheetham, Manchester
Thomas Hilary Sinclair (1868-) m. Maude Gertrude Sloane (1879-1944)
Norah Langtry Sinclair (1909-1914)
Thomas Hilary Sinclair (1911-) m. daughter of Sir David and Lady Ross
Simon Sinclair
Thomas Sinclair
Nine other children, none of whom reached 21 years
William Sinclair (1824-1847)
Ann Sinclair (-1876) m. John Hyde Cardwell of Loughgall, Co. Armagh
Isabella Sinclair (1827-1887)
m. John Gunning of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh (1826-1881)
John St. Clair Gunning, MD, doctor in Enniskillen, unm.
William Gunning, MA, Classical Master at Methodist College, Belfast (-1909)
m. Miss Stevenson of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, no issue
Samuel Gunning m. Miss Hewitt of Belfast, went to Canada, issue
Emily Gunning, unm.
Isabella Gunning (-1906) m. Rev. Cuthbert Mitchell, issue
Charles Gunning (1861-1870)
Sinclair Gunning m. 1890 Kate Benson of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh
John Gunning (1891-), Royal Navy
Cecil Gunning, Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers
F. Douglas Gunning, Lieut. (-1916), Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers, d. in First World War
Willie Sinclair Gunning
Kathleen Winifred Gunning m. 1935 William James Maxwell of Co. Fermanagh
Robert Cardwell Sinclair, Lieut.Col. RAMC (-1930) m. Eva Lydia Hands of St. Helena
Mary Sinclair m. Dr E. H. Goodbody, MD, of Great Bradfield, Essex, issue
Alice Sinclair m. 1895 Robert Hunter, went to Australia and returned to London, issue
Lydia Sinclair (1833-1877) m. James Verner of Derryane (-1926), d. in Belfast
John Sinclair Verner (-1907), unm.
Sinclair Verner, unm.
Annie Cardwell Verner (-1941), unm.
Lizzie Lilburn Verner m. Frederick E. Whalley of Belfast
Seymour, Lydia Whalley
Ellen Verner m. Stewart Wortley (-1909), no issue
Isabella Verner (-1927) m. Mr Waddell, no issue
Ellen Sinclair m. William Potts of Manchester
Thomas Potts m. Miss Scott, went to Canada
One son
Charles Potts m. went to Southampton, issue
Simon Sinclair of Kinneary (1820-1874) m. Sarah Jackson of Ballymagurney
John Sinclair (-1910), unm.
William Sinclair, went to Australia, unm.
Thomas Sinclair, unm., d. 61 years
Elizabeth Sinclair m. T. S. Corrigan
Annie Sinclair (1866-1891), unm.
Emily Sinclair (-1940) m. 1887 Samuel C. Sloane of Armagh (-1919)
Simon S. Sinclair, jeweller at Cookstown
m. 1919 Madge Acheson of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone
Mary Isobel Sinclair m. Major Harold K. Scott
One son
Sinclair m. 1943
One son
John M. Sinclair, Official at Probate Court, Belfast, Amateur Billiard Champion of Ulster, 1927
m. 1927 Margaret Patterson of Armagh
Campbell Sinclair, unm.
Alfred Sinclair, went to USA, m. in Pennsylvania, issue, mostly sons
Simon Sinclair of Kinneary (1858-1931)
m. 1st 1892 Sara Robinson of Killylinn (-1893)
Daisy Sinclair, m. unknown husband
m. 2nd 1894 (Lurgan) Adelaide Dorothea Robinson of Portadown (-1932), d. in Canada
Simon Sinclair of Kinneary (1895-1938) m. Margaret Emerson of Derryscollop
Four sons
Noel Sinclair, went to Toronto, served in First World War, m. Isabel Ruby Stuart
Donald Stuart Sinclair
Norman Sinclair, went to Canada
Cecil Sinclair, went to Canada
Two children
Dorothy Sinclair, went to Canada