Related families

Short histories of each family related to the Newry Sinclair family have been provided where they are known. For these family sketches, I must thank the many near and distant relatives who have taken the time to make notes about their families in the past, or have provided me with new information after I contacted them. Of course, it hasn’t been possible to verify many of the details, except where knowledge of one family’s history corroborates another.

I have not included information about living relatives, so these histories cover what little I know about their past and how they connect with the Newry Sinclairs. This means that, in the main, the periods covered stretch from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century. Unfortunately, any historical detail from the earliest periods simply repeats what has been passed down by succeeding generations, and may not be accurate.

Where individuals have been described, most of the information has been derived from copies of obituaries and press cuttings in my possession, which somewhat distorts the choice of who has been chosen. I would have like to have written more about other relatives, but I do not have any information about them at hand. Inevitably, it was those who gained some public exposure who have had more recorded about their lives. Others, of no lesser importance, remain family memories. The only sad thing is that those who remembered them have also passed away, leaving hardly a trace.

Brown family (Wembley, Middlesex)
Browne family (Benburb and Dungannon, Co. Armagh)
Cardwell family (Co. Armagh and North America)
Davies family (Wembley, Middlesex)
Davis family (Newry, Co. Down)
Irwin family (Newry and Belfast)
James family (Co. Armagh and North America)
Jones family (Cradoc, Powys)
MacLanahan family (North America)
McBride family (Co. Armagh and North America)
Price family (Brecon, Powys)
Redmond family (Co. Armagh)
Sabey family (St Pancras, Middlesex)
Walker-Redmond family (Co. Armagh)
Taylor family (Downpatrick and Enniskillen)
Vanderpoel family (North America)
Walker family (Richhill, Co. Armagh)