Lords Herdmanston and Sinclair – Part Two

In 1782 the House of Lords decided the 1677 creation of the title of Lord Sinclair, which had been under attainder following the Master of St. Clair’s involvement in the Jacobite rebellion, rightfully belonged to Charles St. Clair of Herdmanston, the great-grandson of Dr Matthew St. Clair (d. 1728), the uncle of Henry, 1st Lord Sinclair of the Herdmanston line [see Lords Herdmanston and Sinclair – Part One].

Henry’s line had ended in daughters and as the Lordship could only be passed through the male line, Dr Matthew’s son, Charles (d. 1775), became 2nd Lord Sinclair by right (or ‘de jure’) and Charles’ son, Andrew (d. 1776), became 3rd Lord Sinclair by right as he was also already dead. Andrew’s son, Charles, became Lord Sinclair in his own lifetime and so the Lordship has continued down to the present day. The older creation of Lord Sinclair for Henry Sinclair, 2nd Earl of Orkney, prior to 1407 remains forfeit under the attainder and the right to contest and reverse the attainder remain with the descendants of Grizel St. Clair and John Paterson of Preston Hall [see Lords Herdmanston and Sinclair – Part One].

Two of the sons of Commander Charles St. Clair (1811-1863) emigrated to Australia in the late 1800s and have descendants there to this day.

Nina Cawthorne


Charles St. Clair of Herdmanston (1692-1775) [later 2nd Lord Sinclair] m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Andrew Hume, Lord Kimmerghame and Elizabeth Douglas
Matthew St. Clair (1732- ), died young
Elizabeth St. Clair (1738-1811) m. 1773 Lt. Col. James Dalrymple, Royal Regt. of Foot
Andrew St. Clair of Herdmanston [later 3rd Lord Sinclair] (1733-1776) m. 1763 Elizabeth, dau. of John Rutherford younger of Edgerston and Eleanor Elliot
Cmdr. Matthew St. Clair, R.N. (presumed died at sea c.1800)
Eleanor St. Clair ( -1796)
Charles St. Clair, Lord Sinclair (1768-1863)
m. (2) 1816 Isabella Mary, dau of Alexander Chatto of Mainhouse (Roxburghshire)
John St. Clair (1820-1842)
Eleanor St. Clair (1818-1898)
Jane Elizabeth St. Clair (1822-1904) m. 1853 Rev. William Leyland Feilden
m. (1) 1802 Mary Agnes, dau. of James Chisholm and Susanna Fearon
Matthew St. Clair (1808-1827), Lt. 84th Regiment
Charles St. Clair (1809-1810)
Elizabeth St. Clair (1804-1812)
Susan St. Clair (1806-1856) m. 1829 Francis Dennis Massy-Dawson
Cmdr. Charles St. Clair, R.N. (1811-1863)
m. (1) 1840 Isabella Jane, dau. of William Foreman Home of Paxton and Billie (Berwickshire)
m. (2) 1854 Ann Crawford, dau. of Sir John Pringle of Stichill, Bt. and Emilia Ann McLeod
Mary Jane St. Clair ( -1918) m. 1877 Rev. Frederick George Stapleton
Isabella Home St. Clair (1849-1936) m. 1883 Dr Watkin William Jones
Admiral William Home Chisholm St. Clair (1841-1905) m. 1869 Emma Searle Slight, dau. of Julian Slight, FRCS, and Emma E. Searle
Charles Home Douglas St. Clair (1873-1921) m. 1911 Agatha Mary, dau. of Edmund Bowyer Jacks and Mary Margaret Wardle
Cmdr. Frederick Cathcart Guy St. Clair (1878-1931) m. 1912 Maud Sophie, dau. of Capt. Stephen Henry Childers Thompson, R.N., and Sophie Elinor Stannard
Enid Joyce St. Clair (1913- ) m. 1943 Prof. James O. Fischer-Sobell
Derek Charles St. Clair-Stannard (1919-2013) m. 1953 Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Douglas C. Baskett and Josephine Pasco
Matthew Peter St. Clair-Stannard (1954- ) m. Sally J. Heptinstall
Lucie St. Clair (1955- ) m. 1981 Richard J. Shelbourne
Sophie Alexandra St. Clair-Stannard (1958- ) m. 1985 Richard S. O’Grady
Josephine Camilla St. Clair-Stannard (1965- ) m. 1996 John M. Owen
Charles James Chisholm St. Clair (1844-1861)
Matthew John St. Clair (1845-1926) m. 1869 Charlotte Fraser, dau. of Rev. Duncan McDiarmid Sinclair and Hamilton G. Fraser
Carlie May St. Clair (1870-1948) m. 1889 Henry William Russell Hughes
Eva Pringle St. Clair (1873-1964) m. 1905 John Conynham McCausland
Violet Jane Hamilton St. Clair (1883-1939)
Charles Matthew Duncan St. Clair (1886-1917)
William Archibald St. Clair (1888-1889)
Beatrice Cerise St. Clair (1891-1973) m. 1914 Ralph B. B. Snowden
Capt. Adolphus Frederick St. Clair (1847-1895)
Susan Eva St. Clair (c.1858 -1928) m. 1899 Henry Edward Cousans
John Pringle St. Clair (1862-1940) m. 1902 Clara, dau. of Henry Chapman and Ellizabeth Ogden
James Andrew St. Clair (1851-1914) m. 1875 Frances Harriet, dau. of Christopher Dawson Fenwick and Isabella Elizabeth Jobling
Percival James St. Clair (1876-1945) m. 1909 Violet Christina, dau. of Percival Bowes Fenwick and Sarah Christine Hearle Cole
Rodney Samuel St. Clair (1919-1964) m. 1942 Beatrice Wyatt, dau. of Allen Seymour Walker and Beatrice Mary Philllips
Malcolm Clive St. Clair, (1943- ) m. 1971 Julie Jane Murphy
Rodney James St. Clair (1973- )
Timothy St. Clair (1975- )
Rosslyn Violet St. Clair (1947- ) m. 1971 Iain Boyd Couper
Lynda Helen St. Clair (1953- ) m. 1974 Ronald Coulton
Charles Archibald St. Clair (1878-1917) m. 1913 Madeline Bryden, dau. of Joseph Smith and Margaret Bryden
Joan Madeline St. Clair (1913- ) m. 1947 Sidney Madison Conn
Helen Muriel St. Clair (1879-1963) m. 1901 Wilfred J. C. Lawson
Harold St. Clair (1880-1932)
Frances C. St. Clair (1890-1893)
Christopher Fenwick St. Clair (1882-1918) m. 1914 Ethel M. Cheesbrough
Christopher Ian St. Clair (1914-1958) m. 1938 Kathleen Joan, dau. of Ernest Patrick McMahon and Catherine Northam
Christopher John St. Clair (1938-2006)
Karen Maree St. Clair (1947-1993)
Erica Webster St. Clair (1916-1986) m. 1940 Duncan Cannon McConnel
James St. Clair, Lord Sinclair (1803-1880) m. 1830 Jane, dau of Archibald Little and Agnes Oliver
Cmdr. Archibald St. Clair, R.N. (1833-1872)
James Chisholm St. Clair (1837-1902)
Lockhart Matthew St. Clair, CBE, (1855-1930) m. 1881 Ellen Mary Margaret, dau. of Surgeon Maj-Gen. William Roche Rice
James Chisholm Rice St. Clair (1882-1883)
Maj. William Lockhart St. Clair (1883-1920)
Maj-Gen. George James Paul St. Clair (1885-1955) m. 1911 Charlotte Teresa Orme, dau. of Archibald Cosmo Little and Guendolyn Teresa Chaplin
Guendolyn Helen Charlotte St. Clair (1920-2003) m. 1966 Maurice O. G. Cleaver
Lavender Margaret Pauline St. Clair (1924-1947)
Helen Mary Orne St. Clair (1918-1979) m. 1951 George B. Emslie
Rosabelle Evelyn Teresa St. Clair (1919-2014)
Malcolm Archibald James St. Clair (1927-2004) m. 1955 Mary J. R. A. Hargreaves
Hugh Alan Charles St. Clair (1957- ) m. 1988 Raffaella F. Barker
Andrew David Paul St. Clair (1960- )
Lockhart Frederick Charles St. Clair (1896-1960)
m. (1) 1919 Evelyn Mary, dau. of Nicholas J. Synott and Barbara Netterville
m. (2) 1934 Sylvia Violet F. Lane, dau. of Maj. Marwood E. Lane
Mary Agnes St. Clair (1840-1920)
Helen St. Clair (1842-1849)
Charles William St. Clair, Lord Sinclair (1831-1922) m. 1870 Margaret Jane, dau. of James Murray and Ann Hooten Holdsworth
Capt. Charles Henry Murray St. Clair (1878-1914)
Ada Jane St. Clair (1871-1959)
Margaret Helen St. Clair (1873-1939) m. 1902 Capt. Alexander Christian Fraser
Georgina Violet St. Clair (1877-1957) m. 1910 Lt. Col. Harry M. Davson
Archibald James Murray St. Clair, Lord Sinclair (1875-1957) m. 1906 Violet Frances Kennedy, dau. of Col. John Murray Kennedy and Frances Eleanor Brandling
Patricia Mary St. Clair (1912-1996) m. 1940 Lt. Col. Charles Archibald Coghill, OBE
Charles Murray Kennedy St. Clair, Lord Sinclair (1914-2004) m. 1968 Anne Lettice, dau. of Sir Richard Charles Geers Cotterell, Bt. and Lettice Lygon
Laura Anne St. Clair (1972- )
Annabel Lettice St. Clair (1973- ) m. 1999 John Laing Forbes
Matthew Murray Kennedy St. Clair, Lord Sinclair (1968- ) m. 2005 Laura C. Coode, dau. of Jonathan Arundell Coode and Judith A. Hall
Harry Murray Kennedy St. Clair (2007- )
James Jonathan Kennedy St. Clair (2009- )