The Dammartin family

The Dammartins have not been researched very thoroughly in England, possibly because some of the family returned to Normandy during the 12th century. From the point of view of the St. Clair genealogy, the connection was with Aubrey de Dammartin, a key figure, who most probably married Matilda, a daughter of William de St. Clair. This can be inferred from a charter dated after 1152 when Aubrey and Matilda confirmed William’s gift of the church of Hamerton to St. John’s Abbey in Colchester, and witnessed by Hubert de St. Clair, Wiliam’s nephew.

1 2 3 4 generations
Eudes de Dammartin (-before 1129/30) m. Basilia (-after 1129), dau. of ——
Eudes de Dammartin (-after 1196) m.
Eudes de Dammartin (-after 1212) m. before 1212, —— de Lucy, dau. of Reynold de Lucy and Amabel ——
Aubrey de Dammartin (-after 1135) m. Matilda de St. Clair, possible dau. of William de St. Clair
William de Dammartin (-after 1135)
Aubrey de Dammartin (-after 1190) m. Joan Basset, as her third husband
William de Dammartin (-after 1194)
Emma de Dammartin (-after 1196)
Alice de Dammartin (-after 1196)
Manasses de Dammartin (-1178/79) m. Galiena, dau. of ——
Bartholomew (-before 1194)
William (-1195) m. ——
Galiena (-after 1220) m. (1) before 28 Feb 1200, John Briwere (-before 22 Mar 1205)
m. (2) 16 Mar 1215, Robert Burgate (-1220)
m. (3) Ernald de Mandeville
daughter m. Odo de Compeng
Philip de Dammartin (-before 1185) m. —— (-before 1185)
Philip (-after 1185)
John de Dammartin (-after 1210)
Manasses de Dammartin (-after 1210)
Odo de Dammartin (-after 1210) m. (1) Margaret de Briwere (-after 1237), dau. of William de Briwere
m. (2) William de la Ferte
m. (3) divorced, Geoffrey (IV) de Say
Thomas de Dammartin (-before Jul 1230) m. ——
William de Dammartin
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