Rev James Sinclair of Richhill

James Sinclair was born c.1801 near Tobermore, Draperstown, in Co Londonderry, where his father John was a farmer. James was educated at Old College Belfast, ordained 23 December 1824 and was minister at Richhill Presbyterian Church, Co Armagh, from 1826 until 1836. He married Mary Orr from Moneyguiggy, near Draperstown, about 1826 at Richhill and they had three children, Mary, John and James, all of whom emigrated to North America.  James died in Illinois, USA, on 23 December 1866 and is buried at the County Line Cemetery, Capron, Boone County, Illinois.

The first congregation in Vinecash, Co Armagh, was in 1697, and included Richhill, Loughgall and Markethill. There were many Scottish Seceders amongst their number who had separated from the parent church in Scotland over ecclesiastical patronage. In 1824 the Secession Church and Independents merged and the Synod of Ulster agreed that Richhill could separate from Vinecash. Its first minister was James. The congregation obtained Regium Donum in the third class, or £50 late Irish currency, about seven years later. On 3 May 1836, James resigned this congregation, as well as the office of the ministry and engaged in secular pursuits.

The earliest Sinclair recorded was Robert Sinkler, a farmer on the townland of Moneyshanere, which bordered the townland of Tobermore. He died 25 November 1740.


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Descendant table

John Sinclair of Sixtowns, Draperstown, Co Londonderry m. Miss Hamilton
Robbin Sinclair
John Sinclair (1754-1843) m. Martha Knox (1760-1835)
Samuel E. Sinclair (1788-1876) of Blanket Hill, Pennsylvania, USA m. 1st Elizabeth Adams (1792-1827)
Robert Sinclair (1812-1890) of Kittanning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA m. Rebecca Blose (1814-1853)
William Jackson Sinclair Snr (1841-1915)
Sarah Jane Sinclair (1842-1924)
Michael Blose Sinclair (1844-c.1930)
Eliza Sinclair (1847-1904)
John Sinclair (c.1850-1890)
Amanda Sinclair (c.1853-)
Betty Sinclair (c.1855-1895)
William Sinclair (c.1813/15-1883) m. Mary Ann Craverner (1831-1907)
William James Sinclair (1874-1932) m. Minnie Alice Lerner (1882-1956)
Walter W. Sinclair (1902-)
Bernice Ruth Sinclair (1904-c.1977)
Vernis R. Sinclair (1905-)
Alice Leona Sinclair (1906-1992)
Joseph Delmas Sinclair (1908-1970)
Kenneth Lerner Sinclair (1910-1990)
Richard James Sinclair (1914-1989)
Margaret Annabelle Sinclair (1915-1982)
Eleanor Madeline Sinclair (1918-1919)
Helen Eliza Sinclair (1920-2008)
Samuel Sinclair (1876-)
Mary J. Sinclair (1879-1967)
Alice (Elsie) Sinclair (c.1814/16-1860) m. Thomas Waterman
Ellis Sinclair (c.1817-)
Robert Sinclair (1817-)
Allen Sinclair (c.1818-c.1890)
John Sinclair (1821-1890)
Eliza Sinclair (1823-)
Elsie Sinclair (c.1823-)
Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ Sinclair (1823-1895) m. Charles Christopher Jessop (-1887)
Martha Sinclair (1825-1895) m. Daniel Blose
Robert Sinclair (-1860)
m. 2nd Jane Hesien Cousley (1789-1875)
John Sinclair (1801-1881) of Sixtowns, Draperstown, Co Londonderry
James Sinclair (c.1801-1866), buried at the County Line Cemetery, Illinois, USA m. Mary (1811-1860), dau. of John and Ann Orr of Moneyguiggy, near Draperstown
Mary Sinclair (c.1827-), died at Prince Edward Island, Canada
John Sinclair (1828-1906), died at Klickitat, Washington, USA
James Sinclair (1832-1907)