The Sinclare families of Dublin

During research of Sinclair families in Ireland, a number appear in Dublin. Until now, little has been known about them. Most seem to have entered the records in the early eighteenth century, although there is a smaller number who were mentioned in the the seventeenth century. Beyond Dublin and Ulster there are intriguing references to individual Sinclairs who don’t seem to have connections with families elsewhere. Some were soldiers serving in Scottish forces, but others like James Sinclear in Waterford (1666) or James Sinkler in Navan (1670) will need much more research.

The Dublin families are difficult to disentangle because there were four listed in the 1738 Directory of Dublin. According to Betham’s Genealogical Abstract  of 1767-1782, William Sinclare was a jeweller. He lived in Great Cuffe Street 1761-1774 and 19 King Street 1775-1780. His was the most extensive Sinclair family that Betham recorded. In 1738 he was probably the William Sinclare living in Pill Lane, a well-populated street north of the river, now called Chancery Street.  His uncle was Alexander Sinclare, possibly of Dixon’s Court in 1738.

Another family recorded by Betham was that of Patrick Sinclair, a merchant, and his wife Rebecca Markham. Patrick’s brother was quite possibly William Sinclare of Skinner Row, a goldsmith, in 1738. If that was the case, their father was Alexander Sinclare, also a goldsmith. Skinner Row at that time was an important street in the City of Dublin, with many notable public functionaries living or working there, and home to four other goldsmiths. Fishamble Street, where a Mr Sinclare lived in 1738, joined Skinner Row, and was home to Christchurch Cathedral staff, attorneys, and the City Sword Bearer.


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Descendant tables

Alexander Sinkler (c.1626-after 1669), merchant in Belfast. Allotted Baggage horses under Robert Monroe 13 August 1645 (Lord Sinclair’s regiment); admitted and sworn a free Comoner of Corporation of Belfast, 22 April 1647; Allex. Sinkeler of Dunmurry 1669; Allex. Sinkler in parish of Belfast (Hearth Money Roll, County Antrim)
William Sincklar (c.1646-after 1667), merchant in Belfast. Appointed Treasurer of the Corporation of Belfast, 30 August 1666; admitted and sworn a free Comoner and merchant of the Staple of the Corporation served apprentisship as aforesaid Alex. Sincklar, 6 June 1667
Alexander Sinclare (c.1673-1719), goldsmith in Dublin. Apprenticed to John Cuthbert 1687 (Roll of Dublin Goldsmiths records his father William Sinclare, merchant in Belfast); Roll of Freemen of City of Dublin 1694-1718
William Sinclare (c.1704-c.1770), goldsmith at Skinner Row, Dublin. Roll of Freemen of City of Dublin 1725-1770; elected Warden 1729-1732 and Master 1734-1735; elected to Common Council of City of Dublin 1737, 1743, 1752 m. 1729 Mary Catherine Dezouche
Yeomans Sinclare (c.1717-after 1740), goldsmith in Dublin. Roll of Freemen of City of Dublin, admitted 1735 and recorded he was a son of Alexander Sinclare. Married Susanna Sinclare, dau. of Patrick Sinclare, 1740
Alexander Sinkler (c.1640/50-1726), owner of property in Newtownards
William Sinkler (1679-1759), yeoman, malster, merchant at Mill Street, Belfast, and held properties in Newtownards with his brother John, previously owned by their father Alexander Sinkler
John Sinkler (-after 1726), merchant in Belfast


Patrick Sinclare, merchant (c.1693-1734) m. 1714 Rebecca Markham (-1746)
Susanna Sinclare m. 1740 Yeoman Sinclare (-1755)
Rebecca Sinclare (1765-1845) m. 1785 John Decluzeau, wine merchant, Dublin, issue
Elizabeth Sinclare m. —- Campbell
Hannah Sinclare m. 1740 William Litton, issue
William Sinclare


William Sinclare, jeweller (before c.1703-1780) m. before 1724 Elizabeth —- (-1770)
Elizabeth Sinclare m. 1741 Samuel Ansdell (-1789), issue
Martha Sinclare m. 1st 1738 James Strahan, issue
m. 2nd —- Kilburne, issue
Alexander Sinclare m. 1st 1737 Elizabeth Richardson, m. 2nd 1739 Mary Tinkler
Jane Sinclare m. 1731 Benjamin Black (-1766), issue
Roger Sinclare (-1763) m. 1735 Ann Darraugh
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