Sinclairs of Co Carlow

A Sinclair was recorded holding land in Haroldstown (Tullyphelim) in 1833. Joseph Sinclair had a house, small yard (‘no rere entrance’) and pig house on Hoare’s Lane off the Market Square in the Town of Tullow (townland of Tullowphelim) in 1841. The Valuation Officer’s estimate of rateable value was £5 2s., observing that at the time ‘This house was built by Sinclair; he pays £2 10s. for ground plot; situation not good for business.’ It was officially valued at £3 8s. He was no longer listed in Griffith’s Valuation (1853).

At the 1901 census a Joseph Sinclair was living in the townland of Tullowbeg, Town of Tullow, a Hackney Car Driver, who may have been Joseph Patrick Sinclear, born in 1876, mother Mary Sinclair. He died aged 32 in 1909.

Townland of Tullowphelim, Town of Tullow, parish of Tullowphelim, barony of Rathvilly
John Sinkler (fl.1733)
James Sinkler (fl.1748) m. Margret Kenny
[Jane Sinkler (1769-)]
[Elizabeth Sinkler (1770-) m. Patrick Murphy, issue]

Also in the Town of Tullow, recorded in the Catholic Parish Registers:

James Sinclair m. Margaret Heany
Margaret Sinclair (1775-)
John Sinclair (1777-)
Joseph Sinclair (1779-)
William Sinclair m. Catherine
Sarah Sinclair (1826-)
Townland of Clonegal, parish of Moyacomb, barony of Saint Mullin’s Upper

Clonegal is about 15km south of Tullow.
John St Clair (fl. 1781-1786) of Clonegal, shopkeeper
[William Sinkler of Clonegal]

However, John St Clair also held a house and yard (valuation £2 10s.) from Thomas Germaine in Hoare’s Lane, Tullow, in 1851, and was listed in Griffith’s Valuation (1853). He could have been John St Clair in the Catholic Parish Registers baptised 30 September 1824, father Martin St Clair and mother Mary Tyre, living at Water Lane, Town of Carlow, and repeated on 25 November 1824.

James Sinclair was baptised on 18 December 1831, same father and mother, and living in Burrin Street. Water Lane (also The Strand and now Kennedy Street) ran from Burrin Street to Coalmarket. It got its name because it ran alongside the river Burrin and up to the early 1900s it was where local people brought animals for water; also farmers on their way to market watered their stock at this spot. In 1823 William Mangan built a house and mills in the area but left a stream open in order to continue the supply of water for animals, There were no St. Clairs or Sinclairs recorded in Water Lane or elsewhere in the Town of Carlow at Griffith’s Valuation.

Townland of Carlow, Town of Carlow, parish of Carlow, barony of Carlow
Martin St Clair (Sinclair) m. Mary Tyre
John Sinclair (1824-)
James Sinclair (1831-)
Townland of Clonmore, parish of Clonmore, barony of Rathvilly
James Sinclair m. Catherine Kehoe
Elizabeth Sinclair (c.1831-Hacketstown 1911) of Cronaskea (Cronaskagh) m. 1852 William Lawlor, issue
Sally Sinclair (1833-)

On 9 July 1846, a James Sinclair of 93 Regiment, Reference WO 86/5, attended a Military Courts Martial in Carlow.

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