The Sinclairs of Markethill

George Sinclair leased farmland in Bryandrum from 1775 and rented a tenement in Markethill in 1787 when it appears he died. Although no definitive proof has been found, it is possible that the Sinclairs of Lisnalea and Newry were descendants of Abraham (see the third generation below), according to Adrian Sinclair, who researched this family in the late 1960s. The more recent generations are down to the hard work of Eddie Brittain.


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Descendant table

George Sinclair (c.1721-1787), b. New Spynie, Moray, Scotland m. unknown
Abraham Sinclair (1749-1787) m. Elizabeth Johnston of White Hall (-1824)
James Sinclair (1777-1779), d. aged 16 months
George Sinclair (c.1779-1825)
John Sinclair (1781-)
Elizabeth Sinclair (c.1784-1814)
Archibald Sinclair (1786-1827) m. Frances, dau. of Compton of College Hall, Co Armagh, and Mary, dau. of Arthur Richardson of Richhill Castle, Co Armagh (c.1803-1833)
Mary Jane Sinclair (c.1819-1843) m. Dr William Gray (-1842), issue
Elizabeth Sinclair (c.1821-1850), unm.
Anne Sinclair (1822-1885) m. Robert Greene (1815-1904), issue
Abraham Sinclair (1830-1899) m. ? Sarah Jane McKillop (1830-)
Abraham C. Sinclair (1851-1910) m. 1893 Grace Hanna Megahy (1870-1955)
Hilda Maude Sinclair (1895-1979) m. 1918 William Mahaffy Keatley (1890-1935), issue
Arthur Crawford Sinclair (1897-1963) m. Stella Harris (1911-1997)
One son and one dau.
Kathleen Irene C. Sinclair (1898-1981) m. 1919 David Anderson Creswell (1897-1973)
Dorothy Grace Sinclair (1900-1991) m. 1923 Francis Ernest Brittain (1897-1963), issue
George Sinclair (1831-1915) m. 1861 Isabella Arabella Duncan (1841-1937)
Marian Sinclair (1865-1931)
Stanley William Sinclair (1870-1947)
Edith Elizabeth Sinclair (1871-1958)
Charles Victor Sinclair (1872-1873)
Henry Abraham Sinclair (1873-1875)
Frederick Charles Sinclair (1875-1898)
Florence Elenor Sinclair ((1876-1886)
Arthur Leslie Sinclair (1877-1937)
John Sinclair
Herbert Sinclair
Robert Sinclair (1752-1784), d. in Jamaica
George Sinclair (1761-)
Archibald Sinclair (1766-1824)
Alexander Sinclair (c.1767-1874)
James Sinclair (St Clair) (1769-), went to America
‘Acheson’ (Archibald Acheson) Sinclair (1774-1843), served in British Navy, m. Anne —-
George Sinclair (1818-)
Archibald Sinclair (1827-1831)
Nathaniel Sinclair (1828-1851)
Ann Elizabeth Sinclair (1830-1851)
Susan Sinclair (1831-1851)
James Sinclair (1832-)
Margaret Sinclair (1833-1851)
Sarah Sinclair (1833-)
Jane Sinclair (1834-)
Robert Sinclair (1836-)
William H. Sinclair (1837-1851)
Arthur Sinclair m. Ann
John Simpson Sinclair (1806-)