The Sinclairs of Co Longford

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The Rev. Richard Hartley Sinclair was the Vicar at Cashel, Co Longford. In 1833 he asked for personal police protection from Dublin Castle because he needed aid from the police for his tithe collection, which was not complete. According to the Tithe Applotment Books, he held lands in Cashel in Cos Longford and Tipperary in 1827 and 1834.

His son, Sir Edward Burrowes Sinclair, M.D., was the King’s Professor of Midwifery in the School of Physic of the University of Dublin. He was elected a Fellow of the King and Queen’s College of Physicians in 1856, and knighted in 1880 for establishing a school for the education and training of soldiers’ wives to serve as midwives in the army.

Richard Sinclair (c.1765-1837) m. Hartley
Rev. Richard Hartley Sinclair (c.1788-1837) of Cashel, Co Longford
m. (1) 1822 Eliza Burrowes (1803-1826)
Sir Edward Burrowes Sinclair MD (1824-1882) m. 1849 Louisa Jane McMunn (c.1830-1901)
Annie Dunscombe Eliza Sinclair (1852-1895) m. 1876 Salisbury Davenport Crookenden (1843-1907), issue
Edward Burrowes Sinclair Stewart (1853-1917) m. 1886 Australia, Jessie Lyons Hamilton (c.1861-1948)
Alex Hamilton Stuart Sinclair (c.1887-c.1894)
John (Jack) Francis Stuart Sinclair (1888-died of wounds 1917) m. 1917 Winifred Jean Bedlington (c.1889-c.1959)
Stanley George Stuart-Sinclair (c.1891-died of wounds 1918)
Gladys May Stuart Sinclair (1896-1981) m. Ralph Mckay (1885-1959), issue
Edward Burrows Stuart Sinclair (c.1898-1917)
Dorothea Edith (Dolly) Stuart Sinclair (c.1902-1987) m. 1924 William Edward Horsington (1901-1962), issue
Alexander Campbell Sinclair (1855-1915) m. c.1884 Letitia Elizabeth Newell King (c.1859-1948)
Doris Marjorie Sinclair (1884-)
Guinevere Jeanne Sinclair (1885-1978)
m. (1) Dunsford Viscount
m. (2) 1922 George Jay Gould (1864-1923), issue
Letitia Rosabella Sinclair (1899-c.1978) m. Adolf Henry Youngleson (c.1899-c.1951), issue
Richard John Sinclair (1856-c.1871)
William Snow Sinclair (1857-)
Richard Hartley Sinclair (1826-1826)
m. (2) 1828 Helen Medley (1806-1859)
Mary Elizabeth Sinclair (1831-c.1913) m. 1852 Robert Charles Scott (1826-1888), issue
Hartley Richard Sinclair (1833-South Africa) m. 1852 Frances Bedelia Mercier (1831-1896)
Richard Patrick Sinclair (1854-)
Hellena Pullena Sinclair (1855-)
Richard John George Sinclair (1857-1898) m. 1876 Maria Elizabeth Geertruide Rennecke (1859-1955)
Helen Maria Sinclair (1876-1976) m. (1) 1909 Charles Montague James (1885-1957), issue
m. (2) Johan Raubeheimer, issue
Catherine Frances Sinclair (1859-)
Maria Elizabeth Sinclair (1861-1894) m. Cornelis Theodore Van Schalkwyk
Frances Margaret Sinclair (1863-)
Edward Hartley Sinclair (1866-1908)
Helen Medley Sinclair (1834-1884) m. 1853 Rev. William Richard Scott (1824-1894), issue
Catharine Frances Sinclair (1836-1847)
John Hartley Sinclair, M.D. (1803-1874) m. 1843 Harriet Bunbury Young
Hartley Richard Sinclair (c.1810-c.1880)
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