The Sinclaires of Newtownards and Belfast


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Descendant table

Alexander Sinkler of Newtownards, Co. Down (1640/50-c.1726)
m. wife unknown
John Sinkler
William Sinkler, Yeoman, Maister, Merchant of Newtownards and Mill Street, Belfast (1679-1759)
m. 1st Jane Gregg (1682-1714)
m. 2nd Jane Scott (1685-1760)
Three children, d. young (one 1727, one 1733)
Sarah Sinkler (1716-) m. George Wells
John Sinkler of Belfast, linen draper (1724-1769)
Thomas, now Sinclaire, of High Street, Belfast, linen draper (1719-1798)
m. 1749 Esther Eccles Pottinger of Mt. Pottinger (1726-1781)
Agnes (Nancy) Sinclaire (1751-1826), unm.
William Sinclaire (1752-1756)
Joseph Sinclaire (1753-1767)
Thomas Sinclaire of Glenbank (1754-1838), bur. in vault at Holywood, Co. Down,
m. 1791 Jane W. Bland
Mary Anne Sinclaire (1794-1815)
Jane Sinclaire (1755-c.1795)
m. 1775 James Pollock of Bessbrook and Newry, Co. Armagh (1748-1816)
John Pollock (1776-1781)
Hester Pollock (1778-1800) m. James Douglas
Eliza Pollock (1779-)
St. Clair Pollock (1792-1797), went to USA
Agnes Pollock (1801-1875)
Frances Sinclaire (1757-) m. George Wells
Two sons, d. young
William Frederick Sinclaire (1758-1807)
m. 1784 Charlotte Maria Pollock (1763-1850), sister of James Pollock, who married William’s sister Jane
Eliza Sinclaire of Holywood, Co. Down (1785-1857)
m. 1809 Edward May, Rector of Belfast, 2nd Bart. (1783-1819), d. at Pisa, Italy
Edward Stephen May (-1864)
Rt. Hon. George Augustus May, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
Hester Eccles Sinclaire (1788-1873)
m. 1810 Rev. James Strange Butson (1777-1845), Archdeacon of Clonfert, Co. Galway
Charlotte Maria Sinclaire (c.1803-)
m. 1826 Conway Richard Dobbs of Castle Dobbs, JP, DL (1796-1886), Commander Royal Navy, High Sheriff of Co. Antrim 1841, MP for Carrickfergus 1832
Richard Archibald Dobbs (1843-1853)
Montague William Everard Dobbs (1844-)
Olivia Nicola Dobbs m. 1854 Sir James Macaulay Higginson
Frances Millicient Dobbs m. 1856 Col. Hugh Boyd
Hester A. Caroline Dobbs m. 1853 Gerald George Aylmer, Baron
Harriet Sydney Dobbs
m. 1st 1850 George, Duke of Manchester
m. 2nd 1858 Arthur Stevenson Blackwood, Esq.
Nicola Susan Dobbs (-1857)
Millicient Georgina Montague Dobbs
Esther Sinclaire (1760-1763)
John Sinclaire (1761-1763)
Charlotte Sinclaire (1762-1765)
John Ferdinand Sinclaire of the Falls, Donegal Place, Belfast (1764-1857)
m. 1793 Margaret Clarke (1769-1839)
Thomas Sinclaire (1796-1860)
m. 1831 Augusta Heatly Montgomery of Co. Wicklow (1802-1870), d. at Geneva
John Sinclaire (c.1833-)
Thomas Sinclaire (1834-1884)
Augusta Sinclaire (c.1832-1845)
Mary Caroline Sinclaire (1836-1870), unm.
Emily Sinclaire (1842-1913) m. William Millar (1828-1906)
Catherine (1797-1884)
m. 1822 George Hutchinson of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim
Three sons and five daughters
Thomas Hutchinson m. unknown wife
John Hutchinson m. unknown wife
Capt. George Hutchinson of Ballycastle, Co. Antrim (1889-after 1956)
Richard Sinclaire Hutchinson
John Sinclaire, d. aged 3 weeks
John Sinclaire (1800-1857), unm.
William Sinclaire (1802-1891), d. in West Hoboken, NJ, USA
Jane Sinclaire (1805-1819)
Margaret Sinclaire (1808-1900)
Emily (Amelia) Sinclaire (1809-1889)
m. Robert Thompson of Belfast (-1862)
Three sons and four daughters
Richard Ker Sinclaire, Senior, of Upper Falls, Belfast (1811-1904)
m. 1850 Isabel McKee of Bangor, Co. Down (1831-1881)
Ten children
Richard Ker Sinclaire (1856-1943), d. at Auckland, New Zealand