The Sinclaires of Belfast and Lisburn

As of April 1, 1954, Miss Mary Mulholland (b. about 1870-71) had in her possession the Mulholland Family Bible, which came from Belfast, Northern Ireland. It contained the names of Thomas Sinclaire’s 12 children and Henry Mulholland’s 14 children by his first wife (not recorded here) and those of his second wife – Georgina Sinclair. The Bible also contains the following inscription on a tombstone, which was in the cemetery adjoining St. George’s Church in Belfast. The cemetery is no longer there, some of the remains and tombstones having been removed to Clifton Street, Belfast:
“Here lieth the body of William Sinclaire of Belfast, Merchant, who departed this life on the 24th of December, in the year 1759, aged 80 years. Also his first wife, Jane Gregg, who died 11th of April, 1714, aged 32 years. Here also lieth the body of Jane Sinclaire, otherwise Scott, second wife of the above William Sinclaire, who died in the year 1760, aged 75 years. Also three of their younger children also John Sinclaire, Linen Draper, 2nd son of the above pair, is mentioned here. He died November 1769, aged 45 years. The body of Thomas Sinclaire, Merchant, eldest son of the above named William Sinclaire and Jane Sinclaire, is also interred here. He died the 8th of December 1798 aged 80 years.”

FromĀ The Sinclair Family of Belfast, N. Ireland and their Descendants 1660-1964, by Mrs St. Claire Lappe Daub (USA), 1954


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Descendant table

William Sinclaire of Belfast, merchant (1679-1759)
m. 1st Jane Gregg (1682-1714)
m. 2nd Jane Scott (1685-1760)
Thomas Sinclaire (1719-1798)
m. Esther Eccles Pottinger (1726-1781)
Agnes Sinclaire (1751-1826)
William Sinclaire (1752-1756)
Joseph Sinclaire (1753-1767)
Thomas Sinclaire (1754-1838)
m. 1791, Jane Bland
Mary Ann Sinclaire, d. young
Jane Sinclaire (1755-)
m. 1775, James Pollock of Bessbroook
John Pollock (1776-)
Hester Sinclaire (1778-)
Eliza Sinclaire (1779-)
St. Clair Sinclaire (1792-1797), buried Riverside Park, NY, USA
Frances Sinclaire (1757-)
m. George Wells
Two sons, d. young
William Frederick Sinclaire (1758-1807)
m. Charlotte Pollock, sister of James Pollock
Eliza Sinclaire (1785-)
m. Rev. Edward May, Rector of Belfast
Rt. Hon. George Augustine May, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
Hester Sinclaire
m. Archdeacon Butson of Clonfert, Co. Galway
Charlotte Sinclaire
m. 1826, Richard Dobbs of Castle Dobbs, Co. Antrim (1796-), High Sheriff, JP & DL (1841), MP for Carrickfergus (1832)
Richard Archibald Conway Dobbs (1843-1853)
Montague William Edward Dobbs (1844-)
Olivia Nicola Dobbs
m. 1854, Sir James MaCauly Higginson, CB, Governor of Mauritius
Frances Millicient Dobbs
m. 1856, Colonel Hugh Boyd
Hester A. Caroline Dobbs
m. 1853 Gerald George of Dondea Castle, Co. Kildare
Harriet Sydney Dobbs
m. 1st 1850, George, Duke of Manchester
m. 2nd 1858, Arthur Stevenson Blackwood Esq.
Nicola Susan Blackwood (-1857)
Millicient Georgina Montague Blackwood
Esther Sinclaire (1760-1763)
John Sinclaire (1761-1763)
Charlotte Sinclaire (1762-1765)
John Ferdinand Sinclaire of the Falls, Belfast (1764-1857)
m. 1793, Margaret Clarke (1769-1839)
Thomas Sinclaire (1796-1861)
m. Augusta Heatly of Co. Wicklow (-1868)
Three sons and three daughters
Catherine Sinclaire (1797-1884)
m. 1822, George Hutchinson of Manot House, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim
Three sons and five daughters
Thomas Hutchinson
John Hutchinson
Captain George Hutchinson of Shangarry, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim (1889-c.1953)
Richard Sinclair Hutchinson (Gilbert & Ellis Island, West Pacific)
John Sinclaire (1800-1857), unm.
William Sinclaire (West Hoboken, NJ, USA) (1802-)
m. Miss Purdon of Belfast
Five sons (one son killed at Battle of Vicksburgh) and three daughters
Jane Sinclaire (1805-1819)
Margaret Sinclaire (1808-)
Emily Sinclaire (1809-)
m. Robert Thompson of Belfast (-1862)
Three sons and four daughters
Richard Ker Sinclaire (1811-1904)
m. Isabel McKee of Bangor, Co. Down (-1881)
Margaret, George, Isabel, Katherine, Clara, Florence, Albert, Henry Sinclaire
Richard Ker Sinclaire (New Zealand) (1856-1943)
m. 3rd Lillie Walker (1888-1965)
m. 2nd Margaret Ann Walker (1878-1908)
Lily Margaret Sinclaire (1908-)
m. 1st Ellen Matilda Stevenson (1859-1899)
Isobel Sinclaire (1890-1966)
m. Thomas I. Adamson (1874-1939)
Doris G. Adamson (1912-1975)
m. Reginald A. Wharfe (1912-1999)
John Eric Adamson (1918-1969)
Violet G. Sinclaire (1891-)
m. Joseph W. Hale (1894-1949)
Richard S. Sinclaire (1892-1958)
Albert W. Sinclaire (1895-1972)
m. 1st Ellen Blanche (1899-1970)
m. 2nd Nellie Cook (1901-1966)
Ellen Matilda Sinclaire (1896-1971)
m. 2nd Frederick C. Oliver (1899-1960)
m. 1st Rowland G. Collins (1893-1943)
Yvonne Joan Sinclaire Collins (1922-1998)
m. Thomas G. Peel
One daughter
William Richey Sinclaire
m. 1905, Mary Jane Law of Hillsborough, Co. Down
One son and two daughters
Captain George Sinclaire (1767-1829), 3rd Buffs, 84th British Regiment
m. Mary McGuckin of Belfast
Thomas Sinclaire, MD, of New Rochelle, NY, USA (1796-1865)
m. Leah Gallandette de St. Croix
Five sons and three daughters
Rawdon Francis Sinclaire (1800-1829), officer in British Army, d. in Gibraltar
Anna Frances Sinclaire (1800-1870)
Rosina Sinclaire (1801-1881)
William Frederick Sinclaire (-1845), soldier who took part in Seminoles War in Florida, d. at Napoleon, USA
Georgina Esther Agnes Sinclaire (1803-1871), bur. Philadelpia, PA, USA
m. 1st James Coslett of Ireland
Charles Coslett, Major in US Civil War, d. aged 90, unm.
Georgina Augustine Coslett
m. William Kelly, both bur. St Dennis Cemetery, Ardmore, PA, USA
James, Anne, Louise Kelly, no issue, bur. St Dennis Cemetery
Georgina Kelly m. Mr Devlin
Marie Devlin m. Mr Finch (adopted 1 boy)
m. 2nd Henry Mulholland of Lisburn (1796-), bur. at sea
St. Clair Augustus Mulholland (1839-1910), Major General in US Civil War
m. 1st Mary Dooner of Philadelphia, PA, USA
Agnes Marie Mulholland
m. Ludwig Faber, commercial artist
Armin Faber
Edward Mulholland, d. young
Francis Fox Mulholland (-1951)
m. Joseph Comber
Frances Comber (-1952), unm.
Howard Comber (-c.1942) m. Katherine
One son and one daughter
Clair Comber (-1953) m., no issue
Mary St. Clair Mulholland (1870/1-), unm., no issue
m. 2nd Mary Heenan of Philadelphia, PA, USA
Genevieve Mulholland (-1944), d.n.m.
Claire Mulholland (1889-)
m. 1917, George Dobbin (1882-1941)
Three sons and six daughters
Father James Mulholland (1841-1886)
Louise Maria Mulholland
m. Francis Xavier Gartland
Francis Xavier Gartland, d. young
Charles Coslett Gartland, d. 25 years
Louise Marie Gartland, d. 5 1/2 years
Marie Francis Xavier Gartland m. Mr Ansley
Georgina St. Claire Gartland m. Mr McNab
James St. Claire Gartland, d. young
Francis Marie Gartland, d. young
Louise Marie Gartland of Philadelphia, PA, USA, unm.
Francis Xavier Mulholland (1845-1911), bur. at St. Dennis Cemetery, twin d. at birth
m. Elizabeth Owens (-1914)
Mary Mulholland (1872-1949)
m. Charles McIntyre (-1927)
Frances Ann McIntyre (1899-) m. Frank Pedrick, no issue
Charles McIntyre (1901-) m. Muriel Leahy (1901-)
Three sons and two daughters
John McIntyre (1903-) m. Charlotte Ennie (1903-)
One son and one daughter
Rosemary McIntyre (1910-) m. Wallace D. Roberts
One son
Harry Mulholland (1874-1928), unm.
Clair Mulholland (1881-1948) m. Catherine A. O’Connor
Clair O’Connor (1909-1930)
Frances O’Connor, unm.
Catherine Mulholland (1884-1932) m. Phillip Erdman, no issue
Frances Mulholland (1889-1945) m. Frank McHugh of Locust, PA, USA (1886-1949)
John McHugh (c.1910-), issue
Franklin McHugh (c.1912-), issue
Elizabeth McHugh, unm.
Mary McHugh (c.1922-) m. Mr Cornely, issue
Georgina Esther Agnes St. Claire Mulholland (1881-)
m. 1896 William Henry Lappe (1871-1956)
Francis Xavier Wilfred Lappe (1898-)
m. Dorothy Hartley (1899-)
Dorothy Lappe (1921-)
m. John Zets, no issue
St. Claire Aloysius Lappe (1902-) of Chautauqua, NY, USA
m. 1922 Walter Earl Daub (1903-) of Springfield, PA, USA
William Earl Daub (1922-), Lt. jg.
m. Leah Paradise of Milwaukee, WI, USA (1924-)
Three daughters