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The bold names are the progenitors of the principal branches of the family as noted in A Genealogical History of the Brown Family (out of print).

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There are currently 69 entries. Sometimes a marriage may have been indicated where there was no marriage, or children and dates are missing.

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Davies family descendant table at June 2020

Thomas Davies
Thomas Davies (1795-) m. 1813 Elizabeth Turner (1797-)
William Davies (1814-1891) m. (1) 1836 Mary Ann Bradford (1803-)
Thomas Davies (1837-1892) m. 1859 Jane Mary Sabey (c.1837-)
Jane Davies (1860-aft.1939) m. 1880 Ernest Hermes (c.1859-), no issue
William Davies (c.1863-) m. Florence
Florence Annie Davies (1885-aft.1939) m. 1918 Eric Brodie Bass (1891-aft.1939)
Peter Michael Brodie Bass (1922-2002), issue
Mary Davies (c.1865-aft.1939) m. 1896 Ernest Turnham (c.1870-1925)
Cecil Ernest Turnham (1898-1951) m. 1922 Gladys Ida Wright (c.1896-)
Irene M. Turnham (1925-1951) m. 1950 John L. Benthall
Mary Constance Jennie Turnham (1902-1988)
Richard Davies (c.1867-)
Elizabeth Ellen Davies (c.1868-) m. 1896 Edward Perry (c.1870-)
Ellen Beatrice Perry (1897-1958)
Marjorie Perry (1903-aft.1958) m. 1934 Aubrey Barratt (1901-1981)
George Alfred Davies (c.1871-aft.1903) m. 1896 Ada Mary Bruton (1876-aft.1939)
Guinivere Davies (c.1898-1983)
John Bruton Davies (1903-)
Walter Davies (c.1873-) m. Jo
Emma Esther Davies (1875-1955) m. 1900 Albert Frederick Brown (1874-1947), issue
Eliza Kate Davies (c.1879-c.1960) m. 1899 Harold Edward Brown (c.1871-1934), issue
Frank Thomas Davies (1881-aft.1911)
Ann Davies (c.1842-)
Henry Davies (c.1843-)
m. (2) 1858 Eliza Heasman (1815-1895)

Sabey family descendant table at June 2020

William Sabey m. 1794 Elizabeth Blayne
William Sabey (c.1795-) m. 1808 Sarah Thinnick
William Samuel Sabey (1815-1880) m. 1836 Jane Elizabeth Mason (1816-c.1891)
Jane Mary Sabey (c.1837-) m. 1859 Thomas Davies (1837-1892)
Mary S. Sabey (c.1840-)
William Samuel Sabey (c.1842-1898) m. Virginia Barrett (1843-1928)
Emma Sabey (1868-) m. (1) George Harry Taylor (1871-1909)
Dorothy Eva Taylor (1907-1978) m. Cecil J. Pickstone (1896-1983), issue
m. (2) William S. Mewha (1867-1903)
Ellen E. Sabey (1872-)
Maud Caroline Sabey (c.1874-1939) m. Frank Charles Collins (1872-1946)
Cyril Francis Collins (1898-1900)
Clarence C. Collins (1900-1907)
Louisa Sabey (c.1876-1915)
William Charles Sabey (c.1880-) m. Margaret L. Laws (1888-)
Ellen E. Sabey (c.1845-)
Emma S. Sabey (c.1847-)
George Thomas Sabey (1849-) m. 1870 Gertrtude Harrison Thornton (1843-1919)
George Edward Sabey (1871-)
Albert W. Sabey (1874-)
Thomas De Clifford Sabey (1877-) m. 1912 (1) Grace Vera Cole (1889-1939)
Clifford Wilfred Sabey (1914-) m. 1966 Ulla Greremark
m. (2) Elizabeth Reade (1886-)
Gertrude Sabey (1879-)
Alice May Sabey (1882-)
Charles Sabey (c.1854-)
Elizabeth Mary Sabey

The Davies family: Walter (c.1873-), Eliza Kate (c.1879-c.1960), William (c.1863-), Mary (c.1865-aft.1939), Jane (1860-) and Emma Esther (1875-1955)

Emma Esther Davies (1875-1955)

Eliza Kate Davies (c.1879-c.1960)