Sinclairs of Tullyroan


The Sinclairs of Tullyroan


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Thomas Sinclair, 1st Lieut. in Armagh Yeomanry, Ardress Infantry, 1796-1820, and member of the Dublin Committee who
issued the first Orange Order Warrants. He was Master of the 2nd Lodge, Derryscollop (-1847)  
m. Lydia Hazelton of Killyman              

  Mattie, unm.                

  Lydia, unm.                  

  Ann, unm.                  

  Peggy, unm.                

  Margaret m. Samuel Corrigan            

  Isabella m. John Cardwell            

  John (-1848), no issue              

  Simon of Tullyroan m. Anne Christian of Armagh, d. aged 86      

    Isabella, unm.              

    Lydia Anne m. James Davison of Ardress        

      Anne Eliza m. 1866 William Hardy Addey of Allistragh Linen Mills, Co. Armagh  

      Lydia m. Thomas Henry Lees of Halifax, Yorkshire      

        Tiny, Willie            

        Adelaide m. Calvin Wallace        


      William Henry of Ardress m. Lucinda Hall of Clovendon      

        James, Thomas, Sinclair, Charlie, Alice, Annie      

      Thomas of Ardress m. Miss Berry        

        Thomas William (1846-1871)        


      John Sinclair            

    Harriett m. Robert Taylor          

      Harriett, unm.            

      John, unm., became Canon Taylor, Rector of Lisburn      

      Bessie m. Rev. Ruddock          

    Eliza Jane, unm.              

    Adelaide (-1917) m. William J. F. Lawson of 'The Crann', Tullyroan

      John, unm.              

      Carrie m. --- Kilpatrick          

      Annie m. Leonard Calvert of Belfast, issue        

      Lydia m. --- Henry, issue          

      Simon m. in Belfast, issue          

      Joseph, unm.            

      Adelaide m. E Baxter          

      William Sinclair, in Cheshire County Police (1868-1939)      

      Harriett m. --- Frazer of Blackwatertown, issue      

      Emma m. --- Smith          

    Thomas William of Tullyroan, d. aged 67, m. Mary Jane McClure

      Simon, went to Toronto, unm.          

      Annie, d. 1943, m. Canon Johnston of Richhill, d. 1941, no issue    

      William James m. Eliza Dale of Warrenpoint        

        Molly (-1905) m. --- of Assam        

      Ada (-1942) m. John McDowell of Belfast (-1895)      

        John (-1916), killed in France        

        Mary m. John Martin          

          John (-1942), killed in Second World War      

          Evi m. --- Lowry          

      Thomas Alexander of Tullyroan, went to Fort Beaufort, South Africa, 1902    

      m. 1905, Ethel May Painter of Beaufort        

        Sidney (-1944)          

        Geoffrey Alexander (-1978) m. Edna Fraser (-1978) (South Africa)

Janet, unm.

Laël, issue

        Jean m. 1944, Dr Jimmy Daneel of Cape Town (-1980), issue, twins    

      John McClure, Veterinary Surgeon, went to Rhodesia      

      m. Ethel Edith Mary Gertrude Wilson        

        Norah m. Billy Mills            

Wanda m. Nevil Keeling

Helen (1959-) m. 1980 Jonathan Edridge




Pamela m. Morris Pyle (Zambia)



      Henry (Harry), went to Beaufort, South Africa, became Mayor in 1902 (-1942)    

      m. Ada Edwards of Fort Beaufort          

        Cheslyn m. Nessie Forward          

Aldyth m, Stanley Finch



Errol m. Chris, issue 3 children

Barbara m. Rudolph de Ploy



Lynette m. issue

        James (Toonie) m. Sylvia James          


Elza (1926-) m. Percy Love          


Patricia (1947-)





David (1952-)      

Ellaline (1931-) m. John Page  

Gillian (1958-)

Desre (1961-)

Janice (1963-)

Neil (1931-) twin m. Margaret Cadle


Kay m.(1) Zac Whitehead

Dawn m. Dr Denis Smyth

Clinton (1953-)

Kay (1956-)

Howard (1958-)

June (1960-)

m.(2) Dr Bryce Niblock

Stanley (Pat) m. 1937 Shirley

James McLure (1938-) m. Ann Clare Everett (nee Palmer) in Zimbabwe

Douglas Palmer (1966-) m. 2002 Tara Lavery

Jean Mary (1972-)

Barbara Jane (1940-) m. Paul Ernest Goss (1938-)

Jonathan Piers Goss (1970-) m. Johanna Powell (1962-)

Eva Johanna Goss (2001-)

Francesca Marlena Goss (2004-)

Adam Sinclair Goss (1972-) m. Stephanie Wernick (1966-)

Gavin Boyd (1947-) m. Victoria Mary Curtin (1947-)

Paula Mary (1975-) m. James Smith

Duncan Boyd (1976-)

Brendan Robert (1978-)

Kevin m.(1) Eileen


m.(2) Frances

Gaynor, Marlene, Michael, then triplets, one dying young

      Eva m. --- McClinton          

      Edmund, Capt. in Driscoll's Scouts in South African War, went to Toronto (-1944)  

      m. 1909, Frances Roelops          

      Ruby C., went to Totonto, m. Rev. Hunter, issue