Sinclairs of Moymuclemurry

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The home of the Sinclairs at Moymuclemurry, near Moneymore in Co. Derry.

The information about this family has been extracted from a genealogy compiled by Dohrman J. Sinclair II of Ohio, USA, and published privately in 1970. However, most of the compilation is about the American descendants of James Sinclair and only a few details are about their Irish roots and English cousins who were descendants of James' brother, John.










The Sinclairs of Moymuclemurry


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 generations          
William Sinclair of Skail, Caithness (c.1750-1800) m. Mary MacLeod (c.1750-1817)      
  John (c.1786-1825), farmer of Moymuclemurry, Moneymore, Co. Derry m. Elizabeth Harkness (1792-1867)
    Thomas, d. in infancy              
    William (1813-1833)              
    Samuel (1814-1851)              
    James (1815-1833)              
    John (1818-1836)                
    Elizabeth m. Rev. James Parker          
    Mary (-1894) m. John Robinson          
      Dr. John, d. at Sidmouth, Devon (-1895)        
      Dr. Robert A., d. at London (-1895)        
      Dr. William (-1909)            
    Margaret, d. in infancy              
    Robert, Presbyterian minister at Moneymore (1820-1872) m. Mary Stanton (c.1828-1876)  
      Margaret J. (-1895) m. Rev. John Houston (-1904)        
        Roberta St. Clair (-1872)          
        Robert Fisher St. Clair (-1912)          
        Mary Patricia (-1915) m. Rev. Kennedy Adams      
      Elizabeth (-1907)              
      Mary (-1922)              
      Annie Isabel (c.1864-1937) m. Dr. William Robinson (-1909)      
        Mary Sinclair Theodora, d. in infancy        
      Eva Stanton (1859-1878)          
      Robert John, d. in infancy          
      Alice (1866-1939) m. James Tedford          
      Catherine Parker (-1923)          
      Francis Octavia (1870-1944) m. Dr. Charles E. McDade (1868-1961)      
        Dr. Robert Sinclair (1905-1959) m. Freida Linton      
        Mary Sinclair (1906-) m. Joseph H. Martin (1901-)      
          John Sinclair (1931-) m. Katharine Barclay      
            William Barclay (1961-)        
            David Sinclair (1963-)        
            Robert Nicol (1965-)        
            Claire Elizabeth (1967-)        
          Charles Heber (1934-) m. Elsie McCracken      
            Joy (1962-)          
            Joseph James (1963-)        
            Elizabeth (1965-)          
            Anna (1967-)          
  James (1791-1838), went to America 1823, m. 1815 Eliza Sloan of Dungannon (1797-1880)    
    12 children                  
  Robert of Cavanreigh, Ballynascreen