Sinclairs of Markethill

George Sinclair leased farmland in Bryandrum from 1775 and rented a tenement in Markethill in 1787 when it appears he died. Although no definitive proof has been found, it is possible that the Sinclairs of Lisnalea and Newry were descendants of Abraham (see the third generation below), according to Adrian Sinclair, who researched this family in the late 1960s.



The Sinclairs of Markethill


1 2 3 4 generations    
George Sinclair of Bryandrum and Markethill (c.1730-1787/8)
  Abraham (c.1755-1787/8)    
    Abraham (c.1778/9-)    
    George (c.1779-)    
    John (c.1781-)    
    Elizabeth (c.1783-)    
  George (c.1761-)      
  Alexander (c.1766/8-)    
  Archibald (c.1766-c.1824/39)    
  James (c.1769/70-)    
  m. Anne        
    James (c.1832-)    
    Sarah (1833-)    
    Jane (1834-)    
    George (1818?-)    
    Robert (1836-)    
    Archibald (1827-1831)    
    Nathaniel (1828-1851)    
    Ann Elizabeth (1830-1851)  
    Susan (1831-1851)    
    Margaret (1833-1851)    
    William H. (1837-1851)    
  m. Ann        
    John Simpson (c.1806-)