Sinclairs of Lisnalea and Newry

Members of this Sinclair family were living in Newry at the same time as the Newry Sinclairs. They certainly knew each other, because Abraham Walker Sinclair had business dealings with Ellen Brady of Canal Street, who may have been Anna Brady's grandmother (see below). James and Abraham Sinclair were merchants on Canal Street, importing coal in particular.  However, so far there is nothing to suggest that the two families were related. From research undertaken by Adrian Sinclair, it seems likely that they came from Markethill, Co. Armagh, but no definitive proof has been found.

Alan Sinclair of Kilkeel found two gravestones relating to the family:

'At the very back of Mullabrack Parish Church (the nave) there exists a grave which consists of two full-sized horizontal slabs surrounded by granite coping, which is raised slightly at the rear, to about 6 inches. The coping is built directly under the plaster of the wall. The weight of the church wall plaster has split the coping stone. The names, which were on the slabs, were said to be illegible by the elder Willie Wilson (Sexton), but they said it was very old. The sod, which was growing completely over the grave, was pulled back and revealed the slabs in badly broken condition. Pieces of granite were loose in a hole which was pointing downwards directly into the grave. The name "SINCLAIR" is written in newly installed lead capitals on the front of the rear coping stone with the date 1779-1899.'

The second was on Robert Sinclair's grave at Loughgilly Parish Church:

Erected by Robert Sinclair, Lisnalea, in memory of his Son Abraham Sinclair, died February 13, 1894, aged 21 years and John who died 7th February, 1908 aged 40 years; also his dearly beloved wife Anne, who died 30 October 1919, aged 82; also in loving memory of the above Robert Sinclair, who died 9th November, 1919, aged 85 years.

The following genealogical information has been provided by Adrian Sinclair.


The Sinclairs of Lisnalea and Newry


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 generations          
Abraham Sinclair of Mullaghbrack, Lisnalea, Co. Armagh (c.1800-)        
m. Miss Henderson                  
  Robert m. Ann                
    Son who went to Whiteabbey          
  James of Jerrettspass and Newry (c.1830/5-) m. 1865 Mary Ewart      
    Abraham (1867-) m. 1905 Anna Brady (1879-1941)        
      James (1906-1971) m. 1937 Monica Lamb        
        Adrian m. 1967 Laurie Fenelon        
          Keith (1969-)          
          Emma (1972-)          
      Alan of Kilkeel m. Kathleen        
        Brian m. C. Niagara          
      Winifred (1911-1995) m. Alexander Henry Couser of Kilkeel, Co. Down (1900-1980)  
        Joanna Margaret, went to Canada (1933-) m. Maurice McGrath of Lurgan, Co. Armagh (1932-)
          Deborah Jane (1956-) m. Stephen Paul Anderson (1953-)    
            Tara (1980-)          
            Jamie (1983-)          
          Joanna Margaret (1958-) m. Pete Thomas Anderson (1956-)    
            Peter James (1981-)        
            Emily Marie (1983-)        
          Maurice John (1961-) m. Christine Lynn Hoiland (1962-)    
            Andria Joanna (1981-)        
            Sarah Christine (1983-)        
            Maurice John (1985-)        
            Eric Lynn (1987-)          
          Charles Andrew (1963-)          
          Paul Murdoch (1967-)          
        Anne Barbara (1936-)          
        Elizabeth, went to USA (1948-) m. William Maines Neuman of Detroit, MI (1947-)  
          Ariane Sofia (1971-) m. Kyle Robert Nelson (1969-)      
            Loren Maines (1998-)        
          Anastasia Carmen (1975-)        
    Robert H. (1878-1911) m. Margaret Brown of Derry        
    John m. 1955 Laura Church of Carrick-on-Shannon        
      Dorothy m. Jimmy Windgates of Raglan, Monmouthshire (-1968)      
        Nicholas m. Catherine Fitzgerald        
      Laura (Lorna) m. Edgar Roy          
      Harry m. Mamie Callaghan          
        John (Canada)          
      Joan m. Bob Inman (Canada)          
    James H. (-1918)            
    Jane (1869-) m. c.1895 Frank Fisher          
      Joseph Annett            
      Jim of Newry m. Margaret Muntz          
        John of Warrenpoint m. Susan Ferris        
      May of Dublin m. Jim Shaw          
        Pamela m. George Fagan          
    Anne (-1966/7) m. Robert McFaul of Newtonabbey        
  Hanna m. J. Halliday              
  Son who went to San Francisco