Sinclairs of Fairlawn


The Sinclairs of Fairlawn


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 generations        
Margaret m. Samuel Corrigan of Moss Spring, Moy, son of Robert Corrigan who m. Miss Hancock of Newry    
  Annie m. Robert Corrigan of Derryscollop House        
    Samuel m. Mary Healey, went to Toronto        
    Robert Victor (-1945) m. Catherine Colquhon, went to Toronto    
      Margery, John Victor, Alice        
    Alice Margaret of Tamnarmore House, Lisburn (-1941), unm.    
  Eliza m. Horace Merrill              
    Louise m. --- Callender            
  Samuel m. Annie Loudan            
    Florence m. Ford White            
  Thomas Sinclair, went to Toronto (1845-1933)        
  m. 1875, Elizabeth Sinclair, daughter of Simon Sinclair of Kenneary (1851-1927)  
    Charles Arthur, Lecturer on Dentistry, Toronto University, served with 1st ASC Canadian  
    Contingent in First World War, became Lieut.-Col., decorated with DSO and Croix de Guerre,
    wounded in body and thigh, m. Violet Chisholm, nurse in Canadian Contingent, no issue
    Frederick S., Vice-President and General Manager, General Steel Wares Ltd., Canada,
    m. Martha Wickens            
      Elizabeth m. Dr Joe Lee        
        Frederick Joseph Lee        
        Kathleen, m. Dr Alexander Gale Shaw, no issue    
        Jack, m., issue        
        Herbert Samuel, farmer at Hillsdown, Alberta, Canada,    
        m. Charlotte Bodwall        
          John Herbert Corrigan, Capt. in Canadian Expeditionary  
          Force in Second World War,      
          m. 1946, Mary Ellen German      
          Margaret, m.        
          Muriel, m.        
          Douglas, Ann,        
          Amy, m.            
        Anne, unm.            
        Meta Blackwood m. Albert Hector Thompson      
          Charles, Commander in Canadian Navy in Second    
          World War, m. Bobby Robb      
            Judy Jane        
          Evelyn m. 1939, George Fairhead Rogers, issue    
          Nancy, unm.