Sinclairs of Ballyrussell

The following inscription is copied from a Grave-stone in Comber Church-yard, which is said to have been brought thither from Greyabbey on the removal of the family thence to Comber.

Here lieth these bodies of Robert SINKLER, who died in 1666, aged 71 years, and his wife Giles Gordon, who died in 1673, aged 74 years; also their son John SINKLER, who died 1681, aged 61 years.

Cited in The Sinclaire Family of Belfast, N. Ireland and their Descendants 1660-1964 by Mrs St. Claire Lappe Daub (USA) from a lineage of this family at the Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 


The Sinclairs of Ballyrussell


1 2 3 generations        
John Sinclair of Ballyrussell, Comber, Co. Down (c.1685-) m. c.1710 Dorothea Bell (c.1690-)
  Martha, Alice, Dorothea          
  John (1728-1812) m. not known        
    James, unm.          
    William, unm.          
    Olive, Jane          
    Hans, unm.          
    Robert, went to USA, known as Sinclaire, Winchester, VA (1789), Cumberland (1792)
    John, Jr. (1781-1854) m. 1807 Miss McCready of Ballymiscaw  
      8 daughters, all Sinclaire        
  Robert m. not known          
    Mary, Martha, Elizabeth        
    John, unm.